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Please read this Note

1. Since starting the service it has produced 5 out of 6 years of profits. 


Welcome to Bet To Be Placed

This is an Investment advisory service offering Investment advice mainly on handicaps for the selections to be PLACED.

Investing on any sport is not in anyway a quick way to become rich but I have proven with my own Investment strategy on these types of races for over 6 years that I can show a good on going profit..

The Information will be sent by Email


For results after November 2016 please click on Racing Index logos at bottom right of page as Results are not now kept on website itself, would rather spend the time on future profits for my subscribers


Why choose this service .
You will see that I always refer to backing my selections as Investment rather than betting or gambling as I have proved that a 10%+ yearly profit is very achievable 


Event Top Selection
01, December 2017 Friday
  6:00 PM
Oneoveryou 5 W @ 7.60 Won
02, December 2017 Saturday
  3:05 PM
Out The Loop 5W @ 2.72 Won
17, December 2017 Sunday
  3:10 PM
Simple Steps 4W @10.50 Won



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1m HCP 45-65
5:30 PM  21, December 2017 Thursday
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